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I'm still waiting for my sun to shine.

One thing that the show has been consistent about, is that the main questions have been kept true to the book. For example, Mona is A and Ali is alive; so despite the fact that Sasha Pieterse has said that she doesn’t think that Ali is the one with the twin, I do think that she is. That would explain the phone conversation that Mrs, Di had, and also the need to protect her other daughter.

An open letter to Marlene King


Dear Marlene,

I have been watching Pretty Little Liars since the pilot. I have joined the tumblr mania of reading “A theories” and after each episode I call my friend to compare notes on our latest suspects. I’m a twenty year old college student, and some people say I have bad taste in…

Just wow.

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Beyoncé & Lorde at the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

Arcade Fire - Reflektor

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